Alliance Partners

The three alliance partners have come together to solve the big problem facing industry, a lack of skilled tradespeople. We want to provide an opportunity for students to learn valuable industry skills while being engaged with exciting course content. It’s important to remove the barriers to students success with an inclusive and integrated program.

“Our method was to develop integrated products, and that meant our process had to be integrated and collaborative”
Steve Jobs


The Australian Science and Aerospace Network (ASAN) Is A Not-for-profit Organisation. Established in 2019, as a network organisation to facilitate communication and connections between educational organisations, businesses, and Government bodies. Our objective is to improve access and the sharing of knowledge across these networks, to provide the greatest benefits to everyone with a shared interest in science, aerospace and STEM based education and careers.


PFi provides innovative solutions to Australia’s industrial sector, designing manufacturing and Installing state-of-the-art industrial solutions. The focus of their service is to offer complete solutions from high-end computer controlled robotic automation, bespoke CNC manufactured parts through to straightforward and well-designed structures and products. Quality is the benchmark of Advanced Manufacturing and is a key part of PFi’s management system.

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is committed to expanding and enhancing the pipeline of diverse and talented science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students globally. Northrop Grumman invests in the next generation of technical talent and leadership via various STEM initiatives with Australian schools and industry. Northrop Grumman works to leverage mentoring opportunities, internships and programs that connect our employees to students and teachers to help achieve these goals